Financial Education

In 5 minutes, find out how your investment, estate and protection plans measure up.

Knowledge is Power


Sharing the wealth of knowledge is a passion at Ken Stern & Associates. We love speaking and teaching our process and philosophies any chance we can get.


Ken Stern & Associates hosts in-depth investment workshops throughout the year in the San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas. These events are free of charge and are focused on allowing you to meet one-on-one with Ken Stern & Associates professionals and other industry specialists to find out how you may be able to optimize your investment strategies.

In addition to our annual events, we speak at corporate retreats, chamber events and other community programs. Interested in having us at your event? Contact us at 858-485-0404

    Lecture Series

Ken Stern & Associates is committed to providing high-quality, effective financial education. Our mission is to enrich, strengthen and empower our trainees to be savvy consumers and astute investors. We present on a variety of financial topics and can custom¬ize our education to fit your needs.


We aim to discuss, bring clarity, and provide solutions to the key financial issues facing consumers, investors, retirees, small businesses and executives today. With a dynamic economy and the complexities regarding tax, pensions, retirement and legacy planning, we can all benefit from advanced opportunities and solutions for our families and company. Our presentations focus on coaching your employees on some of our strategies designed to help them grow their assets, minimize their tax burden, and preserve their financial legacy. In these busy times, it can be difficult for employees to find time to seek out the information necessary to understand their financial options. We are here to help.

Closely Held Businesses

Closely held businesses have both tremendous potential advantages and hurdles. From tax and benefit planning to creating longevity beyond the founder. Planned properly, the goals could range from maximizing owner and employee benefits to tax mitigation and asset protection.

Endowments and Non-Profits

Endowments and non-profits have to balance the goal of growing their asset base with adherence to their Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The plan, asset allocation, and investment results must be closely watched and matched with ongoing organizational activities such as fund raising, costs, gifts and payouts.

Corporate Financial Wellness

Executive and non-executive level employees can take up to 25 hours per month of employer time on personal financial issues.

We believe employees who are empowered and knowledgeable, financially, are more productive and loyal employees.

In the past, employees counted on pension plans and other sources of income for retirement. Over the past two decades, 401(k) plans have placed, in our opinion, much of the burden of wealth managing and saving for retirement directly on the worker. The results have been less than stellar.

Our Corporate Financial Wellness Training is a personal financial gift from the top. Two parts strategy, one part motivation; every participant is taught critical financial strategies from potentially maximizing benefits to tax planning, all the way to retirement “must dos”.

Employee Fiscal Fitness

This workshop is designed primarily for the general employee population. Upon completion of the workshop, the goal is for the participant to have the information needed to create a Lifetime Fitness Plan, possess a clear understanding of taxes, estate planning, investment management (including 401(k) and maximization of employee benefits), and specific action items and deliverables that will help ensure that the concepts are implemented.

Sample topics include:
  • Financial Conditioning
  • Sculpting Retirement
  • Sheilding Assets – How Not to Get Ripped Off
  • Strategies to Cut the Financial Fat – Understand your Budget
  • Valuable Life Lessons – Plan for the Unforeseen
  • 5 Problem Areas
  • 401(k) Maintenance Program
  • How to Create a Plan
  • Planning For a Rainy Day

Executive Strategy Sessions

This program is designed to provide a more detailed and advanced education for executives, officers, and tenured employees. We teach advanced investment, tax and estate planning concepts as well as asset protection strategies.

Sample topics include:
  • Advanced Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Succession Planning
  • Advanced, Lifetime Financial Fitness Planning
  • Teamwork 1 – The Ultimate Family Meeting
  • Teamwork 2 – Create and Condition Your Board of Directors
  • Target Practice – Must Do’s at Age 35, 45, 55, 65…
  • Take 5 – Smart Money Moves for the Affluent Investor
  • Options & Other Corporate Benefits

Your Money Score

5 minutes is all it takes to measure your financial strengths and weaknesses, with more importantly, a path for improvement.

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