Retirement Planning

In 5 minutes, find out how your investment, estate and protection plans measure up.

The Big Day: Retirement, and the Days That Follow

We know you have many questions about retirement and whether you are 5 or 10 years away, or already there, we can help educate you on your options:

  • Prioritize your goals

  • Build and monitor investments options

  • Plan for the unknown

  • Implement your cash flow needs

  • Assist in creating a lasting legacy

  • Develop a plan with steps for execution

Contact us now to get started or to discuss you goals with one of our professionals.

Post Retirement

Just because the big day is behind you doesn’t mean planning has stopped. In Ken Stern & Associates’ eyes, the fun is just beginning. We must plan for the unexpected, bring children into the conversation about legacy. What happens when your spouse dies? How do you want to be remembered? When will Uncle Sam come knocking for his fair share?

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Your Money Score

5 minutes is all it takes to measure your financial strengths and weaknesses, with more importantly, a path for improvement.

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